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Can I track cash transactions?
Can I track cash transactions?
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For those of you that like to track your cash, here's a few ways you can track money leaving your wallet.

Manually Track a Cash Account
You can add an account and track it manually.  

  1. Tap on the 'Add' link from the Balances tab 

  2. Toggle the header from 'Connect bank account' to 'Track account manually'.  We recommend setting up the account as type 'Cash'.  

  3. Once setup, you can add and track your cash transactions from these types of manually tracked accounts.

Tip: Assign Multiple Categories
If tracking each and every cash expense sounds exhausting, another approach is to assign multiple categories to your ATM transactions. For example, say you withdrew $100, and later spent $50 on groceries and $50 for tickets to a concert.  Tap on your ATM transaction, and tap on its category to change it.  In the categorization worksheet, you can 'Assign to multiple categories' and allocate $50 to "Food & Drink", $50 to "Entertainment".  


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